Seafood Positive X Stokehouse

One for you, two for the sea.

We are stoked to announce our partnership with Seafood Positive as they launch their innovative OneFishTwoFish program. Sparked by the need to balance consumers’ seafood intake, OneFishTwoFish aims to return two fish to the ocean for ever one fish consumed. This strategy hopes to achieve a more ‘circular’ seafood economy, one where fish stocks are regularly replenished, and harvest is balanced with production.

The founder of OneFishTwoFish, Chris Gillies, has a wealth of knowledge and experience through his career as a marine biologist and ocean conservationist. With Australia’s astounding seafood consumption statistics sitting at 356,000 tonnes per year, his goal is simple, to provide a way for seafood lovers to give back to the ocean.

Executive Chef Jason Staudt is passionate about seafood sustainability and is always mindful when it comes to seafood selection, and this premier initiative is the perfect fit for a seafood centric restaurant like Stokehouse. Thanks to Seafood Positive and other incredible likeminded ambassadors and business joining the program, we are one step closer to safeguarding our oceans and working towards a more mindful way to enjoy seafood.

Next time you dine at Stokehouse and order any of our beautiful seafood selections you too are helping to support the Seafood Positive movement. You can learn more about the work being done by OneFishTwoFish here.