Spring at Stokehouse

September 2022” The season of green is upon us, and true seasonality is at the forefront of what we do.  New touches on the menu include our double podded pea & mint tart kicking off the experience menus, and our new asparagus side coming from Koo Wee Rup in Gippsland is crisp, fresh & great eating. What I’m most excited about is we are finalising our latest vegetarian main & the chefs are madly preserving as much globe artichokes as possible while they are in peak season, I think we have processed close to 60 cases going into the summer months!Another highlight on the menu is the new Aquna Murray cod, wrapped in spring carrots & served with a frothy sauce made from carrot trim, mussel cooking juice and new season ginger.  Also now on the menu is Ash’s new Banoffee pain perdu with candied banana & fresh whipped vanilla cream.  My new favourite on the menu.  Come and enjoy all that this season has to offer.” – Stokehouse Executive Chef, Jason StaudtJoin us on St Kilda Beach and experience exceptional food, award winning wine and unbeatable ambience. View our current spring menu, in full, here.